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By: Your_Piotr

Hey, you're back!

Those are the words leaving my mouth as i finally get to see my best friend again. it's been years and he looks more handsome than ever. yes, i miss him. i want to hug him. i want to ask a lot of questions and yes, i want to kiss him. wait. did i just say what?

He left first quarter 2008 for a better life in the states together with his family. i was sad but thank goodness for the internet that i get to read updates from him. when i went to the states early this year, we failed to see each other because of distance (and budget). funny in ways that i talked to his mom more often than him. seems like he's always busy.

He asked if i want to sleep over. i immediately said yes. it's not like this is the first time we've done this. i work in the city
and he'll be busy visiting a lot of relatives and other friends so i guess must make the most of the limited time we had.

I was tired when i finally reached their place. felt like travelled a day but looking a him smiling gave me enough energy. His Tita cooked the best Adobo. it was my favorite they say but i joked back and said i'm not the one who came back.

Stories after, i felt the weight of my eyes. i excused myself and said maybe we can continue the talk early tomorrow. he took a shower while i changed for bed and closed my eyes the moment i lay in bed. he woke me up (minutes after i guess), shaking me. i guess i was too lazy to care that i ignored him. he gave up and slept by my side.

I woke up around 3am. he didn't switched off the lights so i could see how gentle his sleep is. he doesn't snore nor move a lot. silliness came to mind. stood up and looked for a highlighter something. found a pen on the desk and as i was about to draw something on his face he turned at me. my lips almost hit his cheeks. i moved back and well, decided to sleep more.

Then his eyes opened. he was awake and was really waiting for what i'll do, he admitted. caught in the act i was, couldn't think of nothing else but wrestle. and i carried him as he fought back. he's taller but i'm way heavier. he got pinned. face to face.

He smiled and gave me a smack. i got the best surprise of my life. he admitted he's been curious of my reaction and continued to make his move.

We kissed. the longest I've ever had. i didn't care if everyone steps in the room and sees us and just took the bait.

I couldn't help it and moved my hands to remove his shirt off. he's been working out and what an amazing sight his body is. i moved my way down his neck then his nipples. he moaned as my lips started sucking it, licking it. i stopped. he pulls me back and got locked again with a kiss.

He then said we have to be naked now. i literally threw my clothes off me as did he. we laughed after. all these years, it's only now we've seen each other that way. the laugh slowed down to a smile and we kissed again. his body touching mine felt like i'm in cloud 9. it's more powerful of a feeling than the kiss.

I felt his hand moving down my dick. he then jacked me off. i backed a little as he started moving his hand up and down. his soft hands. i teased him to be an expert. he smiled and went down to suck me. i just looked down and enjoyed every moment of it.

I asked how come we never talked about this? he admitted that he was scared. i admitted i was scared too but if he asked i will never ever say no. that made him suck me harder. his mouth became tighter and suction felt stronger. i warned him that i was close to cumming. he didn't stop and ignored me. i held him on the shoulders and said as much as i want to cum, i want to explore his body now and he let me.

He lied on bed. exposing his nakedness as my hands and lips touched every part of him. he's a moaner and the stronger my action gets, the louder he becomes. i try not be aggressive as we might wake everyone in the middle of the night.

He moaned the most when i started jacking him off and licking his nipples.
then he reached for my dick and said he wanted to feel it inside him. i looked at him and he nodded back. he wants it and he's sure i want it too.

I fingered him for a few minutes and he begged that i enter him already. he stood up and pushed me against the bed. i thought of doing doggy style but he wants it more the helicopter position. sat on top me and from that moment, we merged as one.

We kissed more and more as we do the move.

I jacked him off and told him i want him to cum for me. he then said he wants me to cum too... inside him. And that triggered my emotions. i was ready to give my shot for him. i moved faster and faster. his moans sounded more like extacy. i could no longer hold it and loaded him.

Felt like minutes before he removed my dick inside him. he hasn't come yet so i teased him. he jacked off in front of me. i knew what he wants. i licked his nipples once more and within seconds he came.

It was really good.

Then i woke up with a cum filled brief. it's all a dream after all.

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